Funding for Horse Park Still in Question

A $38 million proposal to help fund projects at the Kentucky Horse Park is proving to be controversial.

The Kentucky House adjourned Monday night without approving the proposal, and some lawmakers are against it. The projects would all be built before the 2010 World Equestrian Games. They include a $4 million indoor arena, a $24 million outdoor stadium, and road improvements around the park.

Senate President David Williams says if the funding isn't approved soon, Kentucky could lose the World Equestrian Games. Games 2010 Foundation CEO Jack Kelly also admits that's a possibility.

"The nature of the games like these is that they're all partnerships, and we have a partnership with the International Equestrians Federation," Kelly said. " We made some commitments to them when we made the bid, and in the past, they have actually taken the games away from another location in Ireland. We don't think that would happen here but it could."

The General Assembly is scheduled to return for two days, beginning on March 26. The issue of funding for the Kentucky Horse Park could be discussed again then.

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