Memorial stolen for Nicholas County boy killed in crash

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It was a horrible crash that killed four people including a pregnant teenager. Now a reward and missing memorial have raised new questions six months after the head-on collision in Nicholas County.

"He was the greatest boy in the world", says Matt Hughes, the father of W.R. Hughes.

For the family of W.R. Hughes, there's not a day that goes by that he isn't on their minds.

"I lost my son and best friend and co-worker at one time", says Matt Hughes.

Hughes, 20-years-old at the time, was killed in a car crash along Lake Road in Nicholas County. Kentucky State Police say he tried to pass a pickup and hit a car head-on. Four people were killed, including a pregnant teenager.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him", says Matt Hughes.

For the last six months Matt Hughes has been dealing with his son's crash.

"I'd be glad to go there and lay down and take his place and the other families too if I could", says Matt Hughes.

However, he says recent ads in local newspapers and posters offering a five-thousand dollar reward for more information on the crash have not made things any easier. The ads were put out by the family of Jerry Hicks, who was driving the car hit head-on by W.R. Hughes.

"We know W.R. made a bad mistake that night and he hit that other car and he killed a whole family and we're deeply sorry for their loss and we're sorry for our loss too. We're just trying to put this behind us the best we can", says Mark Hughes, the uncle of W.R. Hughes.

On top of the recent ads and posters, the Hughes family says they are now having to deal with a cross memorial that was stolen from the crash scene that was made by two of W.R.'s friends and given to his family on his 21st birthday.

"We just want it back", says W.R. Hughes.

The Hughes family says they're now offering a one-thousand dollar reward to find whoever stole the cross and hoping that soon talk about the crash will finally settle down.

"It's got the community tore up, along with us", says Matt Hughes.

They're hoping whoever has the cross, will simply return it to the crash scene.