Body found as golfer tees off

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A large police scene this afternoon at a Lexington golf course after a golfer makes a disturbing discovery. A body was found in the nearby parking lot.

Lexington police are trying to determine if a body found in the a parking lot at the Lakeside Golf Course was a result of suicide or murder. They were called to the golf course located next to Jacobson Park around nine o'clock this morning.

Police spent the morning investigating the man's body, found in the lower parking lot by some golfers.

"They thought it was a mannequin someone dumped as a Halloween gag. The second group called 911 when they walked over and saw it was human", says Al Chrouser, the Manager at Lakeside Golf Course.

"I'm not going to forget it", says Carl Cox.

Carl Cox was the golfer who found the body.

"I was looking back at the parking lot while waiting for my two friends to tee off and it looked like a large garbage bag or later we thought it was a mannequin laying there", Cox says.

Cox says he called 911 and stayed on the phone with them until they arrived. He says they found the body with a gun by the man's leg.

Police have not said if this is a suicide or homicide case.

"Right now we're approaching it as a death investigation", says Lt. Douglas Pape with the Lexington Police Department.

As for the name of the man found dead in the parking lot, the coroner's office has not officially released that or the cause at this time. The coroner says they are still trying to locate family to notify them. At this time, police will only say it was a white male that they found in the parking lot.

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