Police Arrest Accused Purse Snatcher

Police arrest a man in connection with a violent purse snatching outside a central Kentucky Wal-Mart. He's also a suspect in a similar case.

Late Wednesday night, Danville Police arrested Curtis Hampton.

Police say two women were robbed in separate incidents Tuesday.
One happened at the Danville Wal-Mart, the other at the Stanford Wal-Mart. Both victims suffered minor injuries.

One woman was an 84-year old woman in a wheelchair. Police say a man in his 40's forcefully grabbed her purse away at the Danville Wal-Mart. Police say the alleged robber then got into a car where he and an accomplice fled the scene.

Around two hours later, police say a similar robbery took place at the Stanford Wal-Mart. The victim was a 55 year old woman.

Danville Police say while they were arresting Hampton, another suspect, Brad Hampton, ran away.
They are still looking for him.

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