Grief counselors on hand after student collapses, dies

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Grief Counselors greeted students arriving at Western Hills High School Tuesday morning. Many had already learned of the death of 15-year-old Waseeq Shahid.

"This morning, you could hear a pin drop during roll call," explained Shahid's homeroom teacher Jay Jackson.

The freshman was trying out for the basketball team when he collapsed after running sprints. On Tuesday, the Franklin County deputy coronor ruled that Shahid died from cardiac arrest. Some say the 15-year-old hadn't been feeling well shortly before the tryout. But, school administrators say Shahid had recently passed a physical exam, a requirement for anyone trying out.

"I talked to him before practice and he said 'I'm nervous,'" explained Tyler Nix, a friend of Shahid's. "I said 'don't be. You're good. you can make it.' And he said 'I hope I do.' And I said 'You can go in there and try hard and you can make it.' He was like, 'OK' and that was the last time I saw him until I saw him on the stretcher.

"We were stretching for cross country and we saw the firetruck and the ambulance," continued Nix. "I saw his dad come out of the car and I knew it was Waseeq or his brother. It was Waseeq."

Nix has known Shahid since the 6th grade. The boys rode the bus together and were in the same homeroom.

"I just look over at his desk and think about him," Nix said. "I think about how I didn't think it could happen to him."

"He was smart and nice and a good person. I just.... just pray for his family and hope they are OK."

Shahid's funeral took place at 5:00 PM in Elizabethtown.