NCAA Fans Invade Lexington

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"It's just a great sport. I grew up playing it, coaching it, refereeing it. I just love the game," said Scott Pontau.

"I love basketball. We do this every year. Been doing it about 11 years now," said Mike Don.

"There's nothing like the college atmosphere in basketball," said Mike Huber.

These three die hard fans traveled all the way from Maine to get in on the first round of the NCAA tournament.

"The flight was smooth. We didn't have any problems. We landed in nice beautiful Kentucky," Huber said.

"We hadn't been to Kentucky yet. We've been to North Carolina a couple of times and Salt Lake City. And Kentucky is a hot bed of basketball," Pontau said.

The three have been friends since high school and they have made their love of the game a tradition. They say it's still cold in Maine but down here there's a lot to look forward to.

"The bands playing, the mascots, it's just awesome," Huber said.

"We always want to see great games. We don't wan to anyone smoke the other team," Don said.

It's even more exciting if they get to see their favorite teams play.

"I've been a fan of Louisville for years since high school. Back when Denny Crum was coaching them," Pontau said.

They say they look forward to the trip all year long, and once they get here they decide where they'll go next year.

"Next year, we haven't looked that far yet!" said Huber.

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