Cops bust copper caper

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It's a crime of desperation and police say three men got away with it for more than two months, targeting large unoccupied warehouses and stealing the copper from the huge heating and air conditioning units.

Police say they got a tip that led to the arrest of 38-year old Herbert Horne, 32-year old Robert Moore and 45-year old Albert Robb.

Lexington Police say in the early hours of the morning, the three men would climb onto the roofs of the buildings, dismantle the HVAC units and steal the copper.

They would then take it cash it in at scrap metal yards.

Det. Eric McCrickard of the Lexington police dept. says "They were targeting buildings, warehouses that were for rent of lease and climbing on the roof and quickly stripping the copper from it and making a quick buck."

The third man arrested, Albert Robb was only cited because police say he has two broken legs from jumping from the roof of a building.

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