Search for men who broke into home and attacked resident

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The search is on for two men police say broke into a house and attacked the man who lives there; but he says hefought back.

David Colston says he and his girlfriend were sleeping in the basement of his Frankfort home early yesterday when they heard a loud noise upstairs.

When he checked it out, Colston says he saw two men wearing masks and armed with guns. He says the men had kicked in his front door.

He says both suspects began screaming and demanding money.

Colston says he got into a fight with both men and one of them beat him in the head and face with a gun. Colston says after fighting with both of them, they ran off. With a black eye and stitches in his face, he says he's confident they're as beaten up as he is.

Colston says during the fight, he ripped the mask off one of the men and got a good look at him. He says the men got away empty-handed and probably targeted his home because they thought nobody was there.

Police have released descriptions of both suspects. One is a white man in his twenties with short sandy hair, stubby facial hair with possible acne. Police say this suspect is about five-foot-eight and 180 pounds.

The other suspect is described as a black man in his twenties, shorter than the other man and about 140 pounds.

If you have any infromation about these men, you're asked to call Frankfort Crimestoppers at 502-875-8648.

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