Some Big Blue Fans Say They're Cheering On Lousiville In Lexington

When UK fans go to a game at Rupp Arena, many wear blue and white. Most Louisville fans wear red. But on Thursday, there were some fans wearing Kentucky blue cheering the Louisville Cards on.

Many Wildcat fans have said they're for Kentucky and whoever is playing against Louisville. But joining the ocean of red and white heading into Rupp Arena this afternoon, were a trickle of blue and white.

"I'm a Kentucky fan cheering for Louisville," said Barry Cox of Campbellsville heading into Rupp Arena.

Cox wore a blue and white UK shirt and a Boston Red Sox hat. But he and others say they're not suffering from fan identity crisis.

"I'm for Louisville today," said Thomas Garland of Bell County, another UK Fan heading into Rupp to cheer on the Cardinals. Garland said he thinks Louisville has a better chance of advancing in the tournament than the Wildcats.

Die hard Louisville fans like Jeremy Crick don't mind a bit that some UK fans are switching their loyalties for a day. "Oh not at all," said U of L fan Crick. "If Kentucky played in Louisville, I'd cheer them on as well."

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