Rash of trailer fires in Fleming County

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A rash of mobile home fires in one Kentucky country has authorities convinced they're dealing with arson.

The latest fire broke out Monday in the Hillsboro area of Fleming County.
4 trailer fires in the same area in a month are more than just suspicious. Somebody apparently is getting a misguided thrill from burning these mobile homes.

Jim Vise, who rents a number of trailers in the area and has had two of them burned down, tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "I would say somebody is sick. You can tell these trailers were set on fire. One of them was set on the porch, and the other one was so bad you couldn't tell where they set it. Bu they were both set because there was nobody living in them, no electric turned on."

The people who lived in the trailer that burned Monday had just moved out last week, but all of their belongings were still inside.

Vise says, "I understand they were building a new home and moving into it but didn't have it quite finished. These trailers of ours were both full of furniture. They were both furnished."

Now the fear is that the arsonist might eventually start setting fire to trailers still occupied.

Jim Vise hosted a get together Tuesday to talk about it. "We all agreed that first thing you know, he'll burn somebody up. That's what we're afraid of. We've got a community watch going now, hoping that somebody will see him. I bought a camera and put it up. I'd say they'll get him."

Kentucky State Police and the Fleming County Sheriff's Office continue to investigate but won't say yet whether they have a suspect. All the fires have started in the daytime when people are at work.

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