Some social workers want improvements to law designed to protect them

She died while doing her job, and state lawmakers passed a new law as a result.

But Wednesday, social workers went to Frankfort, saying the Boni Bill, named after a case worker killed during a home visit, needs some major improvements.

Three years ago, Boni Frederick was killed when she responded to a call. One year later, Kentucky lawmakers passed a bill in her name. But some social workers say it's not working.

Frederick was murdered inside the home where she was checking on a child's welfare. But when lawmakers passed the Boni Bill, it was supposed to establish so called "safe places," where case workers and parents could meet.

Some workers say those sites haven't been established. Others say they still have to respond to cases alone.

Social workers say they're only supposed to be handling 15 to 18 child cases each. But usually, they're working about 25.

Several social workers say they were speaking out Wednesday despite the fear it could cost them their jobs.

Committee chair Tom Burch said lawmakers did want to increase social worker funding by $6 million.

But because of budget problems, they could only do it by $2 million.

The committee did not take any action Wednesday.

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