Woman accused of stealing from ambulance service

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A woman who handled payroll for emergency workers is in jail, accused of an elaborate scam that netted her thousands of dollars.

Investigators say 36 year-old Angel Masterson made up a fake employee in order to take money from the Bath County Ambulance Service.

Police say after Masterson was fired from a CPA office in Morehead for poor job performance, her boss took over the ambulance service payroll that Masterson had been in charge of. That's when authorities say he noticed a large amount of money missing, and he called police.

Police say just over $53,000 had been stolen from the ambulance service between May and August of this year. They say the ambulance service would send Masterson a list of employees, the number of hours worked, along with their hourly rates, and she would tally up their pay.

But police say she would add on a fake name and account, and send the list to the bank - in turn, paying herself through direct deposit along with the acutal employees.

Bath County Judge Executive Carolyn Belcher says the EMS Director was aware payroll had gone up - but when confronted, Masterson had allegedly given the director what seemed like ligitimate reasons for the increase - such as overtime.

"Eventually it would have shown up in an audit, end of year taxes," said Det. Sgt. Matt Salley of Morehead Police Department, "she couldn't have done it forever."

Masterson is charged with theft by unlawful taking over 10-thousand dollars. She's being held at the Carer County Jail.

Judge Executive Belcher says she is looking into their legal options in terms of how they can recover some of the stolen tax-payer dollars. She says they will also be reexamining their pay system, in terms of 'checks and balances.'

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