Prosecution rests in Ballard trial

The prosecution has rested in the murder trial of Lewis Buck Ballard. And the defense says the evidence doesn't prove anything.

One last expert from the Kentucky State Police forensic lab would be all the jury heard from today. Whitney Collins confirmed two things.

First the blood on boots belonging to the defendant Lewis Buck Ballard had Wesley's blood splattered on them.

Second, Collins says the person wearing the boots was in close proximity to Mullins at the time of his death.

The defense had one problem with the argument. Jennifer Wittmeyer, Ballard's attorney, asked Collins if she could say WHO was wearing the boots at the time of crime.

Collins and all other experts for the prosecution can't say for sure Ballard was wearing the boots at the time of the crime, however police did pull the boots from Ballard's feet just hours after Mullin's body was found.

The body of 6 year old Wesley Mullins was found in his Grandfather's garage in August of 2007.

After the jury left the room Ballard's attorney asked the judge for a directed verdict, basically saying the Commonwealth did not have sufficient evidence to convince Ballard of anything.

In the end the judge sided with the Commonwealth, the defense will begin calling witnesses Friday Morning.

The defense will begin opening arguments on Friday.

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