Mother pleads guilty in twin abuse case

For months, she claimed it was all just a big misunderstanding, and she did not starve her newborn twins.

But today, Tricia Kimbler had a change of heart and pleaded guilty to abusing the babies.

Phil Pendleton reports on why Kimbler admitted to the charges.

Tricia Kimbler admitted to charges of second degree criminal abuse, saying she made some mistakes in feeding them. But prosecutors say she clearly committed a criminal act.

After she was arrested last year Tricia Kimbler maintained that her twins Caydence and Calliope were taken to the doctor, found to be malnourished, and then she was taken to jail.

She said at the time she didn't do anything wrong, but today in court, she pleaded guilty to abusing them.

Prosecutors say Kimbler was about to take a trip to Florida and didn't want her newborns admitted to the hospital.

In her plea today, she admitted she made mistakes in feeding them their formula.

"I'm certainly not perfect. And because of this ordeal, it has made me more attentive. Made me a better parent."

As part of the deal, Kimbler is to have no unsupervised contact with her twins. They will be in the custody of their paternal grandparents.

Kimbler was given a five year sentence, but she'll stay out of prison as long as she obeys the rules in her ten year pre-trial diversion plan.

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