Woman Charged With Murder

A Lexington woman stands charged with murder, but some people say it was self-defense.

Lexington police arrested 38-year-old Sandra Lubben Monday morning.for shooting her husband Sunday night at the couple's Greenlawn Drive home.

People who knew Lubben say it was only a matter of time before someone ended up dead, they just didn't expect it to be David Lubben.

This morning in Fayette County court, Sandra Lubben pleaded not guilty to murdering her husband. She appeared by video from the jail to answer to her charges.

She pleaded not guilty and the judge set her bond at 50,000 dollars.

Neighbors say it was usually Sandra who was hurt. People who live nearby say she always had cuts and bruises she claims were caused by her husband. Friends and family say they think Sandra was simply defending herself.

According to neighbors, Sandra and David Lubben had one child together and four others from her previous marriage. We were told the children were not home at the time of the alleged shooting.

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