A family seeks answers six months after daughter's death

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Nicole Penix Vanzant's body was found six months ago.

For her mother, Tina Penix, the days aren't getting easier.

"I'll never get over this," she says.

Penix visits the grave site of her daughter as often as she can.

"I come out here at least every other day, and I talk to my baby," says Penix.

Vanzant disappeared January 19, 2009, the date her headstone marks her death. Her remains were found in the Red River Gorge just three months later.

"You're not suppose to bury your child," says Penix.

Vanzant left behind her family who is now seeking justice and her young son, Carter, who just wants Mommy to come home.

With no suspects yet in the case and her remains unable to turn up any additional clues on how she died, the family is just hoping and praying for answers.

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