Questions raised about John Wall's eligibility

Some questions are being raised about the eligibility of the UK basketball team's top newcomer.

A new report says John Wall may have some problems. is reporting an eligibility issue has come up, regarding Wall, who was the top recruit in the nation.

According to SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, it's an amateur issue that arose before Wall came to UK.

It all goes back to Wall's AAU Coach Brian Clifton being a certified agent with FIBA, basketball's international governing body.

Under NCAA rules, that equates to Wall accepting illegal benefits from an agent.

As a consequence, he may have to repay expenses that Clifton footed.

NCAA rules say an athlete can be withheld from at least 10 percent of a team's games as punishment as well.

UK Spokesman Dewayne Peevy says it's his understanding that all 13 players on the roster are eligible at this point. He said the school won't release anything.

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