Defense begins case in Ballard trial

Lawyers defending an accused child killer began presenting their case Friday morning, by continuing to point the finger at the child's grandfather.

The Commonwealth is leaning on Ballard's blood stained boots as evidence that Lewis 'Buck' Ballard was at the crime scene and ultimately killed 6 year old Wesley Mullins.

Ballard's Lawyers have their own blood stained clothing, a pair of jeans found in the dryer belonging to Bobby Mullins, Wesley's grandfather.

Lawyer's defending Ballard began the defense with their own DNA expert, who testified 6-year old, Wesley Mullin's blood was on his grandfather's jeans.

Ballard's attorney says the findings are consistent with the claim that maybe Bobby Mullins is responsible for the 6 year old's death.

The defense called a second witness and was in the process of calling another when court ended abruptly with little explanation.

The judge told the jury that it is not the fault of either party in the case and should not be held against anyone.

The defense will call at least three or four more witnesses when they come back on Monday.

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