Police In Pulaski Arrest Suspect In Scrap Metal Thefts

Wayne Gillilan was on his front porch when he says he saw a man rummaging through some vacant trailers, taking things at random, including the gutters still attached to the roof.

“The feller was out here at the trailer, taking stuff out of it, ripping the gutters off,” says Gillilan, a resident of Nelson Valley Rd. north of Somerset.

His neighbor saw it too and called police with the license plate number.

“At that point he (the suspect) was running and I said ‘you better run, the law is on the way’,” says Gillilan.

Somerset Police later spotted the car south of town and called the K-9 unit. Police say Kyle Black ran down a steep hill and hid in a creek bank.

“Forty-five minutes into the incident the suspect walked out of the creek and surrendered, saying he was wet and cold and wanted to give himself up,” says Pulaski County Sheriff’s Lt. Brett Whitaker.

After the suspect surrendered, police say they found aluminum and other scrap metal in the car they say Black was driving. Police believe all of it was stolen.

Police also now believe Black could very well be responsible for a string of other scrap metal thefts in the area.

“Scrap products are very expensive right now. There are a lot of thefts taking place; aluminum, copper, those kinds of things,” says Whitaker.

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