Former radio disc jockey's case waived to grand jury

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There is new information today involving the child pornography case against former Lexington disc jockey Roy Baldridge, known to listeners as Dusty Dan.

23-year-old Justin Dunson and 22-year-old Aaron Campbell both appeared before a judge where an officer testified they told police the reason they entered the home of radio personality Roy Baldridge was for drugs.

"To locate marijuana", the officer told the courtroom.

Authorities say they would later tell them they were at Baldridge's home to buy drugs from him, but he wasn't home. They told police one of them went through an unlocked window and say both went inside the home to look for drugs. They tell police they found two guns that they then took from the home.

Police say Dusty Dan told them the guns, which were believed to be stolen, didn't belong to him, but both Dunson and Campbell said otherwise.

"Both said the guns were taken out of the house", the officer told the courtroom today.

Police would later obtain a warrant to search the home of Dusty Dan where they removed his computer. They say they found more than 50 pictures of child erotica and pornographic material in the home. He is now facing four felony counts related to child pornography.

Dunson and Campbell are facing burglary charges.

All three cases have been waived to a grand jury.

As for Roy Baldridge, he has since been relieved of his duties at 98.1 The Bull.

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