Caught In The Fast Lane '09

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Between January 1, 2009 and October 1, 2009, officers for the Lexington Police Department issued 12,800 speeding tickets, nearly a thousand more than the same period last year.

27 NEWSFIRST went through all of the speeding tickets to find out the top 20 places where police issued the most tickets. It's probably not a surprise to most, places on New Circle and I-75 take up most of the spots.
Someone was written a ticket for going 45 miles per hour over the posted 55 speed limit on New Circle. And another person was clocked going 114 mph on I-75.

One Lexington police officer wrote one in every ten speeding tickets this year. David Peel wrote nearly 1200 speeding tickets. Peel is one of nine officers in the traffic division of the Lexington police department.

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