Rain causes problems for pumpkin crop

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A rainy Fall season has caused problems for pumpkin growers all across the country as well as here in the bluegrass.

Pumpkin patches in North Texas are seeing significantly smaller pumpkins because of the unusually wet growing season. They have also lost nearly three-thousand pumpkins.

Steve Fister, Owner of Bi-Water Farms, says, "Pumpkins have been put to the test this year more than in recent years. When it's too wet, the pumpkins pick up fungus on the ground and that's when the rotting begins."

There are still plenty of pumpkins to go around for those who want to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.

To have a pumpkin that is in great shape for the holiday, wait to carve until 2 or 3 days ahead of time. Also, spray the pumpkin with a 10% bleach solution to prevent decaying in the carved area.

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