Woman's Home Destroyed While She Was Away

A horrible situation today for a woman, who went on vacation to escape recent hardships, only to have her home destroyed a few days into her trip.

The woman's Lincoln County home burned Tuesday morning in the community of Moreland.

What's left of Sharon Snow's home is symbolic of what the Lincoln County woman's life has been like in recent years.

She lost her husband to brain cancer and has battled with breast cancer. Snow went to Florida to "get away from it all" for awhile. Now, she's on her way back home to find another tragedy.

Firefighters arrived just after four Tuesday morning, but officials believe the fire had been burning for a long time before they were called.

Snow didn't have insurance. Her health care took so much of her money her sister says she let her coverage lapse.

Both Lincoln and Boyle County units responded to the fire.

Officials say a Boyle County firefighter suffered a slight case of smoke inhalation.

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