Louisville Zoo elephant has bouncing, 285-pound boy

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Start handing out the blue cigars.

"Mikki," the Louisville Zoo's 21-year-old African elephant has given birth to a 285-pound, 37-inch tall male calf.

The elephant -- to be named through a contest -- arrived Sunday night and is the first elephant born at the zoo in its 38-year history.

Zoo officials say the strong, stocky calf can be heard trumpeting from hundreds of feet away. The public won't get to see the baby pachyderm until zoo officials are confident the calf's development is problem-free. They declined to speculate on when that might be, but said the calf, should gain about two pounds a day. Mikki gave birth after a 22-month gestation period. She'd been impregnated through artificial insemination in June 2005.

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