Family struggles after dad dies of H1N1

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It's a full house for Wanda Carroll, whose daughter, Tiffany Bolin and her four kids are soon moving in.

"She can stay here as long as she wants but it's scrouched up," says Carroll.

It's a tough reality Bolin and children have to face following the death of the children's father, 28-year old Joseph Rollins, who died of H1N1 just over a week ago.

"It's hard to have four kids, and then go out and get a job," says Bolin.

Joseph Rollins decorated his house before he died, now his family will have to move because they just can't pay the rent.

"She has no income at all and it just seems like every time we have a door open for her, it always smacks us down."

Carroll says she is now stepping in to help.

"I was in the process of selling my home when all this happened," says Carroll. "I told my husband we're going to have to get a bigger home now."

But she says there was one pain she couldn't ease for her daughter alone.

"We know that he's up there with God, we're happy about that, so that's eased her pain right now," says Carroll.

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