KY Governor speaks out about H1N1

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The entire nation is trying to find ways to fight off the H1N1 virus.

The president has declared a national emergency to deal with the rapid increase in illness.

Kentucky's governor says the state made plans months ago in order to prepare for a potential outbreak.

Tamara Evans reports.

The H1N1 virus continues to make national news after hitting earlier and harder than expected.

Over the weekend it was declared a national emergency by the president to give hospitals and health officials more leeway from federal regulations to respond to the illness.

But in Kentucky, Governor Steve Beshear says we've already taken the same measures.

"I went on and declared the same thing several months ago as a precaution just in case it becomes for verilant. We can move more quickly."

The state also held a summit in early September to cover this topic and to prepare for this virus.

According to the governor so far Kentucky is as prepared as possible for the H1N1 virus.

"It hasn't been any more verilant than seasonal flu."

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