Dog-napping at pet store has police looking for suspects

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Witnesses say they saw a woman run out of the Petsmart in Lexington's Hamburg Pavilion Sunday afternoon, carrying a dog that was up for adoption.

"The Way Home" Animal rescue had an adoption fare in the store. Organizers say two women with two small children were interested in "Barrie," a Chihuahua mix and walked him around the store. The adoption specialist with the rescue, Elaine Fuerniss, says after the walk, one of the women came back and asked to walk him just one more time.

She says she turned back and witnesses saw the woman scoop up the dog and jump into an older, silver car out front. Inside were the other woman and two children.

Fuerniss says Barrie had been rescued from the Estill county Animal Shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized there. He'd been at The Way Home for more than a month.

"This was his second or third time to Petsmart," Fuerniss explained. "He was there with me Friday."

Fuerniss says the group typically rescues animals on "death Row" and volunteers house the animals in several places in Bourbon & Fayette Counties. She says she wants Barrie back.

"This is a living being that deserves better," she said. "We'd like the dog back. We want to have some say in the type of home he ends up in."

If you have any information about where Barrie might be, you are asked to call Lexington Police at 258-3600 or The Way Home Animal Rescue at 293-9397.

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