Clark County school kicks off 'Red Ribbon Week'

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At Central Elementary today, Mitch Barnhart helped the school kick off it's anti-drug Red Ribbon week. The program encourages kids to be responsible about the decisions they make. As the head of UK athletics, Barnhart knows a thing or two about responsibility.

"Anytime you can promote drug free awareness with the young kids we want to make sure we do that. Kindergarten through fifth grade, they begin to make decisions and we want to give them some foundational pieces to grow on" said Barnhart.

Every kid in the school, kindergarten through fifth grade, heard today's message, and Barnhart and the teachers agree, getting that message to them while they are that young is a good thing.

Red Ribbon week is the nation's oldest and largest drug prevention program. It reaches millions of Americans during the last week of October every year.

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