College Students Say Travel Agent Scammed Them For Thousands

College students from the University of Kentucky, as well as two other schools, say they had their spring break stolen from them.

The students say a man who claimed to be a travel agent ripped them off. 27 NEWSFIRST talked to the students and the accused man Tuesday night.

Students from UK, Ohio State and Ohio University say they found a travel agent in Lexington that could get them a good deal to spend spring break in the Bahamas.

That promise he says came from Tommy Case, yet the promise became more of a problem.

One student says $250 had already been paid, big bucks dished out for passports and the trip is quickly approaching, however, there was no itinerary.

More phone calls to Mr. Case go un-returned and now they realize they're not going on spring break.

"He not only stole our money, he ruined our spring break," one student says.

Many students wanted their identity concealed because they say they were afraid Mr. Case might come after them.

But we confronted him at this front door.

At first, Tommy Case tells us everyone been re-reimbursed.
Sean Meade says he's been ripped off of $475 and received absolutely nothing.

Case then starts to change his story. He then continued to say they were overbooked, and would get a free trip out of it.

Meade and another student say they made their own last minute plans for spring break, having to borrow money from their parents.

Case however doesn't think he's done anything wrong, blaming a company in Florida. He says he brokered the trips through the company.

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