Convicted Sex Offender Fails to Show in Court

Convicted sex offender David Harvey, who is facing charges after allegedly choking a player on his youth basketball team, failed to appear Wednesday for an arraignment.

Police soon issued a bench warrant for his arrest, but Harvey turned himself into police Wednesday in Madison County.

A 27 NEWSFIRST investigation dug into how Harvey was able to coach on the Richmond Youth Sports League.

He a convicted sex offender from North Carolina. He was convicted for rape in 1995 and was required to register as a sex offender on the state's registry for 10 years.

Officials in North Carolina say Harvey moved out of the state to Florida. But Florida officials tell NEWSFIRST Harvey never registered in Florida.

Harvey eventually moved to Richmond and later served as the assistant coach to the Timberwolves.

Roy Peters filed a complaint against Harvey after Peters says his son, who plays on the team, was choked by Harvey during a practice.

Peters says he had no idea Harvey was a convicted offender. The teams head coach, Billy Harris, is Harvey's brother-in-law.

He told NEWSFIRST he knew Harvey had a criminal past but says he had no idea he was a convicted sex offender.

Harris says the Richmond Youth Sports League does not do criminal background checks on coaches.

Parents like Peters says that needs to change.

State Police now say Harvey will likely face additional charges for failing to register in Kentucky as a sex offender.

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