Beauty Queen Talks About Road to Recovery

Miss USA 2006 didn't make headlines for her beauty or talent, but rather because of her extracurricular activities.

Kentucky-native Tara Connor is getting ready to hand over her title to a new Miss USA. This week not only marks her last as Miss USA, but Wednesday marks 100 days of being sober.

Conner talked on the CBS Early Show about how far she's come in the last year and where she's going.

Her reign will end in just two days, but what's happened in the past 3 months will make her time as Miss USA one the public won't soon forget.

The Russell County native made a realization during her year in the spotlight, one she was forced to make, but now knows probably saved her life.

"I can never pick up again because if i do I'll end up dead, it will kill me," Connor said.

That was a realization that took the beauty queen more than a week in rehab to understand.

The Miss USA that may always be known as the one who got a second chance has been sober now for 100 days.

"Ever since I've been sober, it's been 1000 times better," she said.

Friday night, Tara Connor will pass on her crown. Connor says she has a lot of opportunities ahead, she just doesn't know which ones she'll take yet.

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