Georgetown Police Increase Patrols to Catch Speeders

Georgetown Police say they're increasing patrols to put the brakes on speeders.

The crackdown comes after many complaints from the public.
Kathleen Hackworth owns a salon on Broadway. She says whenever she or one of her customers glance out the window, she can see someone speeding by.

"They usually say gosh, they sure are going fast," Hackworth said.
It's not only speed that worries her. The area can be heavily congested. With schools nearby, children are often put in harms way.
Police hope a stronger presence will convince drivers to slow down. However, that means more manpower and more money in overtime costs.

Despite some of the financial obstacles, Georgetown Police are moving forward with a new traffic enforcement unit.

The department is in the process of applying for a $55,000 federal grant, which would go toward the unit.

Georgetown Police say traffic fines usually fall between $140-$160. Anyone driving more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit could wind up in jail.

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