Laurel County Neighborhood in Fear of Blacktop Plant

Three-year-old Mary Jane loves to swing in her backyard. But if a blacktop plant is built within sight of her home, her mother says playing outside could turn into a health hazard.

“The chemical fumes it would emit; I did some research on the internet. It's known to produce cancers, disorders,” says Ronda Sharp.

Sharp says a blacktop plant would be nothing but bad news for her and hundreds of other homeowners.

Paul Claiborne is mounting an effort to protest. He lives within 600 feet of where he says the plant could be built.

“Noise pollution, air quality, and health issues; a lot of noise,” says Claiborne.

The owner of the proposed blacktop plant wasn't available Thursday for comment but a worker at Kay and Kay Contracting says a plant is being proposed, but a location hasn't been determined.

However, Kay and Kay has filed papers with the Ky. Division For Air Quality to build the plant. And a state environmental official says where the plant is located is beyond their regulatory control.

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