Family frantic: man missing for nearly 2 weeks

There’s a mystery here in eastern Casey County..of what happened to Charles Randolph.

“And it’s not like him to just disappear. We feel like something is going on here,” said Randolph’s niece, Becky Carrier.

The 55 year old man hasn’t been seen since October 15th. Police have ruled him a missing person and his family fears the worst happened.

His family believes a crime was committed because they say his disappearance was so out of character. He left his truck and his dog, and his inhaler was found in his home.

Police say there is no physical evidence of foul play but they have not ruled it out, either.

Carrier says she believes someone did something to her uncle.

“His friend saw him get in a white SUV..with a couple, and that’s where he was last seen,” she said.

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