Bowling Green Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect In Robbery

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky State Police say a Bowling
Green police officer shot and killed a man suspected of trying to rob a fast food restaurant.

State troopers say thirty-six-year-old Roger Reese of Bowling Green, died at seven-55 a-m central time, about 90 minutes after a failed robbery attempt at a Burger King.

Troopers say Reese went into the restaurant at about six-30 a-m and forced four employees to the back of the building, where they fled out a rear door. Reese ran from the restaurant while the employees flagged down a Bowling Green police officer who was driving nearby.

Officer Matt Davis saw Reese trying to climb a chain link fence at a nearby motel and ordered him to stop. Troopers say Reese pointed a gun at Davis and threatened to kill him. Davis hit Reese with two shots, both of which hit Reese. Troopers say he died while receiving medical attention.

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