Fans Say They're Focusing On Sweet Sixteen Tournament

For most fans at Rupp Arena today, their focus was on high school basketball, the sweet 16 tournament, which is in the midst of round 2.

There were a few fans who took a couple minutes to share their thoughts on Tubby's departure. Those who stopped to talk, talked about Tubby's press conference and their opinions on what has to happen now.

Some folks we talked with say the high standards of Kentucky fans chased coach Tubby Smith away.

Do they fault him for leaving? Not really.

Many people we talked with say as a person Tubby is the cream of the crop, but it takes more than that to coach the big blue and it was time for a change.

Whether any of those coaches want to take on the big blue remains to be seen. So the search is on for the leader of the next era of Kentucky basketball.

It seems the focus around town is on the sweet 16. Not many people watched Tubby's news conference earlier, according to fans in and around Rupp Arena.

The fans said Tubby's gone and the focus right now is the tournament and when it's over they'll start worrying about who is going to take over the helm at UK.