Questions About Tubby's Kentucky Foundations Arise

Many wonder what else could be impacted by Tubby's move up north.

While UK basketball fans are reacting to the loss of their coach, Tubby Smith is also leaving behind community programs in Kentucky that bare his name.

Most notably, the Tubby Smith Clubhouses where there are five permanent clubhouses across Kentucky. In these clubhouses, middle school students who wouldn't normally have access to computers can attend computer classes to learn how to use the technology.

The program's success has been remarkable, of the 620 students who have taken part in the program 603 have graduated! That means they get to take a computer home and have the tools to use it.

Eric Howard works with Tubby's clubhouse and says the program is not going anywhere even though the coach is gone.

"Today there is no great fear of the program going away," Howard said.

Smith did announce Friday his desire to keep the program alive.

"We've done a lot of things in the community through the urban league, through the Christmas house. My wife is involved and I am to, and Tubby's Clubhouse, hopefully we can establish that here in Minneapolis and around the state," Tubby said.

As for the five permanent locations that are called Tubby's Clubhouse Howard says no matter what the name of the building says the mission... to help children... stays the same.

The Tubby Smith Foundation has committed more than $350, 000 to keep the clubhouses going in Kentucky for at least three more years.