Demolition begins on high school stadium

A staple at a Lexington high school is being torn down.

Prep work has been going on for weeks.

Demolition is set to begin today.

Starting in 2003 Fayette County began replacing the stadiums at each of the counties public high schools.

Lafayette is the last of the five.

The school system had to move the bus garage that was located at the school to make room for the new stadium.

School officials say the move will benefit all students.

The stadium will not only be used for the sports and athletics but also for the students at school to be involved with PE courses and health courses and to learn about fitness in general.

This new stadium will follow the same blueprint as the other stadiums at Fayette County high schools.

It's going to have a synthetic turf, a rubberized track and new bleachers and concessions.

The total cost is right around $5 million dollars.

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