Major drug sweep in pill pipeline

They're off to jail...where they've been given a $25,000 bond. They are suspects accused of dealing in pain pills and police say many of the drugs were bought in Florida.

“They go to Florida, take somebody that could or could not have a legitimate illness,” said Rockcastle County Attorney Billy Reynolds.

The problem police say is the pill pipeline where drugs are bought for a few dollars in states such as Florida..and sold for a bunch more in Kentucky. The end result?

“Basically we have too many people who for whatever reason are addicted to not only prescription medications but other illegal substances,” said Rockcastle County Sheriff Mike Peters.

Police say they found all kinds of drugs, but the common ones were highly addictive pain pills.

And among those arrested today was Jason Kirby, the Mt. Vernon mayor's son. But police say all of these people are part of a big problem.

“And it's been a plague on our county...not only our county but the state,” said Peters.

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