Suspected Robbers Pose As UNITE Police Officers

Police in three counties are concerned two men may be behind three home invasions in a matter of days.

The most recent home invasions happened Monday afternoon in Pulaski County on KY 80 in Nancy.

Police say a woman opened her door to two men who claimed to be Operation UNITE police officers.

Police say the men then pulled out a gun and forced their way inside the house. We're told the men then tied up the woman stealing her cash and jewelry.

Hours earlier police say a woman came home to find two gunmen in her home in Adair County.

Police say the two men stole credit cards from another man in McCreary County last Thursday.

The suspects were caught on tape using the stolen credit card just hours after they were stolen at a Lowe's Somerset.

Police say the robberies appear to be connected and they are concerned the two may hit again.

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