Man Murdered Inside Home; Suspect In Custody

A murder investigation is underway in eastern Kentucky and family members say a love triangle may be to blame.

Police were called to a home on Highway 191 in Wolfe County early Tuesday morning. That's where they found a man shot to death.

It happened around 1:30 Tuesday morning. The victim, along with his girlfriend and her two children were home when they heard a knock at the door.

One of those children, 17-year-old Gregory Hyden, says he noticed a suspicious car pull into his driveway. It turned out to be his step-father, Rocky Adkins. Gregory told his mother and she answered the door.

"They started arguing and cussing at each other and I was standing in the hallway and I saw Leroy got shot and he stumbled back into his bedroom," said Hyden.

Leroy (or Larry) Barker was shot once in the stomach. After witnessing his mother's boyfriend get shot, Gregory called 911.

Police arrived but it was too late to save Barker. Four hours later, they arrested Rocky and charged him with murder.

According to other family members, related to both the victim and suspect, the shock of the incident hasn't really sunk in with Gregory or his 14-year-old brother, Rocky Adkins Jr. He was also home at the time of the shooting.

Jenny Atkins and her two boys are staying with family and trying to move on, while funeral arrangements for Larry Barker are being taken care of.

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