Oldham School Board Approves New Grading Policy; C or Better to Pass

LAGRANGE, Ky. (AP) - Beginning next fall, students in Oldham County won't be getting any D grades.

Instead, students in middle and high schools will have to earn at least a C or they'll flunk.

The school board approved the change Monday for students in the county, which is just north of Louisville.

"This raises the expectation that we have of our students," Superintendent Paul Upchurch said. "We have to make sure our students are prepared in the real world."

No parents at Monday's meeting spoke against the policy. Parent Peter Hartman said that he agrees with the decision but hopes that the school district will help students rise to the new expectations.

"I hope that any child that needs help is going to have it," he said.

Upchurch said the district is willing to pay for intervention programs to help students succeed.

Nationally, a few districts that have tried eliminating D's - including schools in Maryland and Florida - abandoned the policy because too many students were failing.
Information from: The Courier-Journal,

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