Investigation Continues In Danville Woman's Murder

A tragic murder is still under investigation, 22-year old Chiara Levin was shot to death in Boston last weekend.

Police now say she was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight.

Levin's death has sparked an outcry from the northeast to central Kentucky. Police say still no suspects have been named in the tragic shooting of the very successful 22-year old.

Tomorrow, a tough crime-fighting group known as the Guardian Angels out of New York City plan to make their way to Boston.

The death of Danville native Chiara Levin is drawing attention from all over the nation.

It will be the first time in nearly 20 years the Guardian Angels have come to Boston and some are already sour on the idea.

"The angels are good men who mean well, in nice suits, who don't have any solutions for our city. Stay in New York," one Boston citizen said.

One Guardian Angel replies, "this is not a turf battle. If you knew completely how to deal with the problem, you wouldn't be in the situation that you are."

Chiara Levin, a valedictorian at Danville High School, honors graduate of the University of Michigan and New York City resident was gunned down outside a home in Dorchester, Boston early Saturday morning.

Police say she and two friends went to an after hours party with three unknown men. As they were leaving in an SUV, shots were fired, one hitting Levin in the head.

Caelin and Chiara had been best friends since the age of three and has been devastated since her death. Caelin is scheduled to be married in June, Chiara was going to be part of her wedding party.

Besides the shock, friends and family are also angry no one has been arrested.

Boston police are still trying to interview those that were at the party. Chiara's parents were on their way home from Boston Tuesday night.
They released a statement thanking the community for the outpouring of support and saying "Chiara stood for peace, she always wanted to make a difference in the lives of those she knew, she was full of promise, of vibrancy, of life."

Levin's visitation is Friday in Danville, her funeral is Saturday.

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