Image of Homer Simpson Found On Piece Of Pizza

Every so often, we get reports of an apparent image of Jesus being spotted in an unlikely place, like on a water tower or a tree stump. Some people interpret that as a sign that Judgment Day is coming.

But what does it mean when a Kentucky man picked up a pizza at Pappa John's only to discover an image of Homer Simpson.

"I was getting ready to start Weight Watchers, and I did my blowout just before cause you get more points if you weigh more," said Chris Walls. "I ate a whole pizza, cheese and mushroom, and there he was, Homer, sitting there looking right at me."

He calls it an act of God, right up there with Big Foot and UFOs. We weren't sure if he was kidding or not.

"This is priceless art work," he said. "I have seen paintings on people's walls that are less attractive that this and they paid a lot more for them."

Being the marketing manager he is, Chris decided to sell his Homer pizza on the Internet.

"Yeah, on EBay. It just made sense. This is a one of a kind item. I wanted to share it with the world, and Homer told me to put it out there," Chris said.

So far, no takers, but he says he plans to list it again. Walls says the image of Homer had more than 600 hits, even if there weren't any bids.

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