Man Held Without Bond For 17 Days On Misdemeanor Charges

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For the first time in 17 days Imad Ghani is out of the Whitley County Detention Center. His attorney says he went to get gas and it changed his life forever.

On March 11 the Libyan native went to the Pilot in Williamsburg. The clerk inside says Ghani became irate and told her "You are going to die soon." Police were called and they followed Ghani to Interstate 75 South. They used bomb dogs to search his van and did not find anything. Then they used a Geiger counter to survey the vehicle. They say they found positive readings for radioactive material. They arrested him for terroristic threatening and say it could be consistent with terrorist activity.

Ghani adamantly denies he made any threats to the clerk. He was held for two weeks without bond. Three days ago Brenda Popplewell took on his case for free because his civil rights were violated. She fought to get a bond for Ghani. It was five thousand dollars.

Ghani is a native of Libya and has political asylum in America. He says he is a patriotic man who loves his country. His trial is scheduled for June.

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