Woman Pulled From Burning Home

A Bourbon County woman is recovering after fire broke out at her mobile home on Thursday morning.

Peggy Crump lives behind her mother-in-law on Currentsville Road in rural Bourbon County.

Just after ten Thursday morning she noticed Peggy's dog, who isn't allowed out on his own, wandering the in the yard.

The woman went to her daughter-in-law's home to investigate. She saw smoke and flames coming from the mobile home.

The woman called for her niece, who went into the burning home and pulled Crump, who was unconscious, to the porch.

A passer-by, who is also a volunteer firefighter, helped pull Crump the rest of the way away from the home.

Crump was taken to local hospital and then airlifted to UK as a precautionary measure. Doctors weren't sure who much smoke she'd inhaled and just wanted to be on the safe side.

Firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen of the home, but they haven't released a cause. There was smoke damage to the mobile home, but it was not destroyed.

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