Truck Slams Into Lexington Home

It was a frightening morning for one Lexington man who woke up to a pickup truck that slammed into his home.

Police say it happened on Ashbrooke Drive on the city's south-side just before 10:00 this morning.

Lexington police say the man had just walked out of his bedroom and was heading to the kitchen when a pickup truck came barreling through his home.

We're told the driver of that truck is 46 year-old Jeff Miller of Lexington.

Police say Miller was traveling on Harrodsburg Rd. when he went off the road and slammed into the home. The truck went through the kitchen, into a bedroom and then out of the garage.

Police say the truck nearly missed the man, but he was not injured.

Miller was taken to UK Hospital for minor injuries. When asked, Miller said he did not remember any part of the accident. Miller does not suffer from any medical problems.

The man who rents the home also lives with his wife and child, but fortunately they were not home at the time of the accident.

We're told the home is structurally unsafe to live in and authorities are not permitting anyone inside the home.

The man's landlord is letting the family live in another home while his home is being repaired.

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