Danville Native Shot In Boston To Be Buried

22 year old Chiara Levin was shot and killed in Boston last weekend and police say they do not believe she was the intended target.

The services for Levin are being handled by Stith Funeral Home in Danville.

Visitation begins Friday afternoon at three at the Presbyterian Church on Main Street in Danville.

The funeral is Saturday afternoon at two and will also be held at the Presbyterian Church. Levin will be buried at Bellevue Cemetary in Danville.

Levin moved to New York after graduating from Danville High School in 2002 as valedictorian. She recently graduated with honors from the University of Michigan.

She was in Boston for a 90th birthday celebration for her aunt. Police say she went to another party with some people she'd just met, that's when they believe she got caught in the crossfire of violence.

Friday, The Guardian Angels are planning to begin patrols in the area. It's a civilian crime fighting group that works to cleanup neighborhoods plagued with violence. The group is based out of New York City, but travels the country.

Boston police say The Guardian Angels are welcomed as long as they work closely with police. The founder of the group says he will be meeting with police Friday to create a plan of action.

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