Investigation Continues Into Deadly Apartment Fire

The investigation continues into a fire that ripped through a Lexington apartment building, killing a man and injuring several others.

The fire broke out early Saturday morning at Surfside Apartments. That's on Surfside Drive, just off Nicholasville Road.

Firefighters say the building, with 12 apartments, had only two exits. They say the man who died was found close to one of them.

Three other people were treated for smoke inhalation. A fourth person was injured after she jumped from a third story window.

Some residents say if it wasn't for the screams of others trapped by the flames, they might have never known the building was even on fire.
They say many apartments did not have working smoke detectors.

Firefighters and city officials say there were, in fact, working smoke detectors in the buildings.

City officials say the 12 unit building has been condemned by code enforcement officials and people who lived there are being asked to move their things to other buildings in the complex.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire, but say it does look suspicious.

The identity of the man who died has not yet been released. Investigators say they'll have to use DNA testing to positively identify him.

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