New Developments In Comair Crash Investigation

New information is being released involving the investigation of flight 5191.

In one report submitted by Comair, the airline suggests the NTSB investigate the FAA's approach to runway surveillance.

According to the Herald Leader, Comair says the crash may have been prevented if the air controller would have been required to devote full attention to the plane's departure.

The airline also adds the board needs to look into how information given to flight crews can be more accurate and timely.

Blue Grass Airport and the airplane's maker also submitted suggestions to the NTSB.

Comair takes partial blame for crash, proposes monitoring plan

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Comair has admitted to federal investigators that its pilots were partly responsible for the airplane crash that killed 49 people last August. But the airline argues that better systems for monitoring runways and alerting flight crews of taxiway changes might have prevented the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board has released what are essentially final arguments from the major parties of the investigation. Blue Grass Airport, aircraft manufacturer Bombardier and the air traffic controllers' union pin most of the blame for the August 27th crash on the pilots.

Besides stressing the company's emphasis on safety, Comair suggests in its argument that the Federal Aviation Administration should revamp the system it uses to alert airlines and their crews of changes to runways.

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